Hello, I'm Warren Silveira.

A Photographer in Los Angeles, California. 

I'm here simply because I excel at finding the life in people, places and things.  

Don't like my picture taken. 

It's a talent that I'm grateful for every moment and I intend on exploring it's possibilities until the end.  

Man witnesses pigeon in flight.

Sharing these moments brings me the most of joy. 

Welcome to the home page of WarrensPhotographs. 

Thank you for being here, I appreciate your time. Truly.

This gallery presents a variety of commissioned work and street stuff. All recent.

Please refer to my Personal page for a deeper selection. 

Feel free to  Contact me if you'd like to purchase an image or a set. The gallery updates frequently, if there's a specific mood or place, let me know and I'll cheerfully dig into my archive for examples. When there aren't examples, my team and I are ecstatic to create the look desired.   

Check out my Pricing page for information that'll help you get started when hiring your next Photographer. 

The sky's the limit. 




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