Hello, I'm Warren Silveira.

A Photographer based in Los Angeles, California. 

WarrensPhotographs was founded in 2015.

Don't like my picture taken. 

Dramatic portraits are what inspire me. 

Man witnesses pigeon in flight. Pigeon acknowledges.

Man gives daughter piggy-back ride to school. 

Portuguese train station. 


Road Kill.

Movie poster.

He was modeling for a couple girls with a camera. DTLA


They shaved him recently. 

There's always that one guy.


Portuguese forest. 

DTLA, approximately 10 am.

I love red. 

Who's your best friend?

Looking for changes. 

Santa Monica pier. 

Halfway there.

My good side. 

He was nice.

This was a must. 

Balancing light on a motorcyclist. 

Black Elvis has arrived. 

How to wear green. 

Feeling humble. 

Go for it, man. 

Moved head before eyes. 

Like father like son. 

I like it when we mix well. 

Her good side. 

Beneath the pier. 

Summertime blues. 


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