Hello, I'm Warren Silveira.

A Photographer based in Los Angeles, California. 


Movie poster.

Road Kill.

Man witnesses pigeon in flight. Pigeon acknowledges.

Man gives daughter piggy-back ride to school. 

Portuguese train station. 

He was modeling for a couple girls with a camera. DTLA


They shaved him recently. 

There's always that one guy.


Portuguese forest. 

DTLA, approximately 10 am.

I love red. 

Who's your best friend?

Looking for changes. 

Santa Monica pier. 

Halfway there.

My good side. 

He was nice.

This was a must. 

Balancing light on a motorcyclist. 

Black Elvis has arrived. 

Feeling humble. 

Go for it, man. 

Moved head before eyes. 

Like father like son. 

I like it when we mix well. 

Her good side. 

Beneath the pier. 

Summertime blues. 


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